A tough decision

I started Tranquil Iris to make candles. I really didn't know who would want them and what would be the most sough after candles. I wanted to just make candles and live in a bubble, pretty much. I never imagined crossing my personal political views with my company. Candles aren't supposed to be political, right?

And then things changed with one Supreme Court decision. 

I am unapologetically pro-choice. And it's the one topic I am the most passionate about. I support abortion rights. And I have made the decision that Tranquil Iris will also support abortion rights. 

As much as it seems impossible in today's climate, I also support pro-life individuals also. Because the pro-life voice has just as much right to be heard, and speak, and feel as pro-choice. If we have a society where we are silenced, then we have lost the CORE of this country. And that is where we draw the line. 

I feel that we all should use our voice in the most powerful ways we can. We should not use our voice as a right to restrict others on their choices. We believe in personal freedoms, and freedom of choice. We believe in the government being removed from our health care. 

We believe in religious freedom and religious equality. 
We believe in marriage equality. 
We believe in women's rights to contraception. 
We believe in racial equality. 
We believe in the correct usage of pronouns. 
We believe in your right to fly a Biden or Trump flag. 
We believe in your right to the 2nd amendment. 
We believe in your right to not purchase from or support us if you disagree with our company's stance. 

We believe in all this because we believe in the beauty of this country. 
We believe in all this because it is the most AMERICAN thing. 

And we are very proud to be AMERICAN. 
We couldn't be a small business if we weren't. And we couldn't express this so freely if we weren't. 

Tranquil Iris is finding its way. While this might make some not continue their ride with us, we know we will find several others who will become part of our family and cheer us on while we take this wild ride. 

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