Skull wax melts for craft shows

Fantastic Thursday!

I didn't realize starting this company would take so much time on the backend with this website, inventory, and financials compared to making candles. I've been able to juggle it all because we are so small, and still starting out, that we usually have a limited number of orders. I've figured with changing the website, exploring Google ads, taking a digital marketing course, and a different email campaign, I would eventually pick up and grow even more. 

But something happened yesterday, Thursday, July 14th. We received order, after order, after order. It was the most orders we have EVER had. This was exciting because my goal was to start working on wax melts for the fall craft shows. Thankfully, it was my day off from my normal job and I was able to knock them all out and get them ready to be shipped on Monday. 

I have to say this super exciting. I wanted this company to start small. I wanted to fail and make mistakes and have my customers be my friends, so they would understand and work with me while I failed, and made mistakes. But now, I'm starting to see things grow. I'm starting to see some orders come from people I don't know. From parts of Ohio I don't live in. From different states. And you know, it's amazing because I'm doing something that has value to people. And that is ultimately what this is all about. 

Thanks everyone. :)

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