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Tranquil Iris

Hippie Bus

Hippie Bus

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Groovy, man! Get ready to take a trip back to the '60s with our Hippy Bus Candle – the epitome of far-out vibes and eco-friendly coolness.

This candle is like a mini traveling bus, making it the perfect addition to your funky decor. With a 7.2-ounce size, it's just the right amount of groovy to light up your space with peace and love.

But it's not just about the looks – this candle is all about spreading good vibes. It's eco-friendly, baby, so you can enjoy your candle without harming the planet. Let the scent of this peace-promoting pillar waft through your space, transporting you to a time of free spirits, flower power, and positive energy.

So, if you're looking to add a dash of nostalgia, a dollop of eco-consciousness, and a whole lot of peace to your crib, our Hippy Candle is the way to go. Get ready to light it up, spread some love, and groove on down the rainbow road. ✌️🌼🚌🕯️


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